Lotil In Action

Whether you are indoors or out in the elements, Lotil provides superior skin protection and an effective barrier against germs whilst fighting any infection wherever there is one.

Whether you’re an avid skier, skydiver, sailor, runner, cyclist, gardener or windsurfer, Lotil will help protect your skin from the elements. Sporting challenges can be gruelling on the skin (as well as the body) and wind, rain, salt, sun, sea and extreme temperatures can all lead to chilblains, cracks, cuts, chapped, dehydrated and broken skin.

Whatever your hobby, from knitting, arts and crafts to gardening, Lotil protects your skin and provides maximum moisture.

Helpfully available in four handy sizes for handbag, travel, office and home, Lotil Cream provides the most complete and simple all-in-one skin care and skin relief package available.

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