Lotil Ambassadors


“We used Lotil moisturiser and sun cream products during our ocean row and kept ourselves protected from the sun and elements. We would definitely recommend it for endurance events and high level exposure to extreme weather”

Lotil Ambassadors

Ian Rivers

‘Lotil cream proved to be the ideal solution for all my skin care needs. Rowing solo, unsupported from New York to the Isles of Scillies was a true adventure – one that needed careful planning to ensure that once the lines were slipped in New York, I had everything that I needed. Lotil cream proved to be exceptional in keeping my hands in working order throughout the eighty-five-day record breaking row. Applied twice daily my hand remained moisturised and blister free throughout the epic row. It was very easy to rub in and left no residue, making it ideal for rowing straight after applications. I also used Lotil for all other skin care requirements, applying daily to my head, face and body.’

Lotil Ambassadors

Peter Bray

UK extreme adventurer and outdoor pursuits instructor Peter Bray single handedly kayaked his way across the North Atlantic in 76 days with no back up and no support boat, becoming the first man in history to kayak across the Atlantic solo and unsupported.

This grueling challenge tests body and skin to the limit. Wind, rain, salt, sun and freezing temperatures can lead to chilblains, cracks, chaps, cuts and dehydrated, broken skin, all of which can be fatal when you are kayaking alone for thousands of miles.

With a very limited luggage allowance, only the bare essentials make the final pack and Lotil Cream is the first item on Pete’s checklist. Peter never compromises on protection – a tube of Lotil accompanies him on a daily basis, protecting and promoting good skin health and contributing to optimum performance and heroism.

Marie Tomms

Marie is a previous winner of the British Waterski Premier League (women’s slalom) and became the first female ever to win the Greater London & South East Championship title.

Spending all day training in the water in all weather conditions can leave skin dehydrated and cracked so Lotil is a must have essential for Marie after training and competing every day.

Lotil Ambassadors
Lotil Ambassadors

David Whiddon and Lloyd Figgins

David Whiddon and Lloyd Figgins undertook one of the toughest endurance rowing challenges on Earth – rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in an independent and self-sufficient quest to set a new world record; by rowing 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean, from Morocco to Antigua.

This challenge presented plenty of physical tests along the way, being placed at the mercy of Mother Nature from 40ft waves, headwinds, blistering heat and ferocious storms. David & Lloyd were equipped with Lotil Cream for its protection and curative properties against the elements.

Helena & Richard Smalman-Smith

Kingston locals Helena & Richard Smalman-Smith took part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Starting from just outside the harbour of San Sebastian de La Gomera to the finish at just outside Port St Charles, Barbados, this challenge was 2,549 nautical miles.

The supplies Helena & Richard took on the boat were essential. According to Helena, “keeping your skin healthy really does seem to be the biggest difference between the teams who have had a fabulous experience out on the ocean and those who have had a grim one,” so Lotil Cream made the trip altogether more comfortable and enjoyable.

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